Our Group

Rule 62 is a Book study that takes place 7 days a week. Monday thru Friday is a Big Book Study, Saturday and Sunday is a Came to Believe Book Study.

We meet from 6pm-7pm EST / 3pm-4pm Pacific.

We are an open meeting and adhere to the 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous as well as the primary purpose. Our format is to take turns reading 1-3 paragraphs out of the text book “Alcoholics Anonymous.” After reading, the meeting is open for discussion. When all who wanted to have shared on that particular passage, the next volunteer will continue on with the reading.
**We, as a group, would like to point out that people who might express interest in this website could have opposing views towards AA as a whole posted in their web material. We are not affiliated with them or the views expressed.

Meeting Phone Number: 712-432-3900

Access Code: 494179#

For questions, please contact Rule62meeting@yahoo.com.


6 thoughts on “Our Group

  1. Just wondering how this works…. Is it one big conference call? Do we all take turns reading from the big book?

    • Thank you for asking. We have a different moderator (someone who runs the meeting) daily. They will guide the meeting. It will run just like a “regular” face to face meeting where one person will speak at a time. Someone will read for a few paragraphs, we share, when all have finished sharing about that part of the book we move on. I hope that answered your question. If not, feel free to write me at our group e-mail or here.

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